"Sounds fucking great! A cool soundscape and really well thought-out riffs!"
- Tomas Elofsson (Hypocrisy)

"Great riffing, awesome drumming...what´s not to like? An eye-opening crushing effort by this one-man go-getter.
Definitely worth checking out!"
- Mike Park (Hatesphere)

"Mother Of All releases another SOLID Ep, with hard hitting drums, ripping guitars, and vocals that bring it all together! Definitely a release you should check out! And remember: This is ONE DUDE! Well done Mr. Haumann, well done indeed!"
- René "Rep" Pedersen (Mercenary)

"Fucking solid tracks on this EP!! Every single track has something that really does it for me, and makes me want to listen to it again and again. Mother of All, really manages to take the best from all worlds and melt it together in this inferno of grinding riffs and lightspeed drumming performed with surgical precision, warm as 1000 suns and ice-cold like the heart of a fimbulwinter. This will get to you one way or another!"
- Ole Luk (Solbrud)